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Fabulous Feet

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Pedicures at Be Exquisite

Treating your feet with a pedicure offers numerous benefits. Whether you want to give your feet a makeover in preparation for a big night out, restore moisture and prevent cracked heels or reduce the chances of dealing with circulatory disorders, this form of feet care is the perfect solution.

Both men and women can get a pedicure treatment and because the average person will cover up to 10,000 steps per day, it is important to treat your feet as often as possible.

Health benefits of pedicures

Not only will your feet look more appealing after a pedicure, but there are many health benefits associated with these remedies including:

  • Exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells
  • Reduced foot pain from massage techniques
  • Stimulated blood flow
  • Callus control

The Pedicure Process

When you experience a pedicure with us in Leicester, the nail technician will begin by cleansing your feet. Scented oils and lotions will be used to massage the foot, which results in better blood flow, a sense of tranquillity and complete relaxation. Cuticle removal and nail grooming will follow, so that toenail problems and infections do not occur. You will then be indulged with a variety of glosses and nail polishes, so that your feet are sandal-ready.

Without caring for your feet appropriately, fungal and bacterial conditions are more likely to arise. Dry skin, corns, calluses and warts can be prevented with regular pedicures, as well as ingrown toenails and conditions such as hammertoe and spurs.

The bones in the feet account for 1/8 of the bones in the entire human body and during a pedicure, all 26 bones, 107 ligaments, 33 joints and 19 muscles will be targeted. The chances of developing foot problems will be halved and you can experience stress release and increased confidence when you get regular treatments.

Shellac Nails

Have beautiful nails for the weekend, with a Shellac manicure.


At Be Exquisite we specialise in Dermalogica face mapping.

“Wow, what an experience! I was asked to choose between a stress relief or energising pedicure and I chose the latter, having somehow mislaid my natural energy somewhere between the poor Easter weather and the election campaign! My feet were treated to a soothing soak in mineral infused warm water. Akila explained everything she was doing as we went along and so the treatment began. My feet were exfoliated, massaged and pampered and all this took place on a heated waterbed – what a treat! Finally, I chose a red hot colour for my nails and off I went, feeling totally energised and rejuvenated. And yes, I will definitely be trying some of the other marvellous treatments, safe in the knowledge that I’ll be in expert hands.”

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