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Electrolysis at Be Exquisite

If you are not a fan of waxing as a form of hair removal, why not book in with us in Leicester for electrolysis.

Electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis is an internationally renowned treatment used to remove unwanted hair on the face and body. The process involves the insertion of a needle into the hair follicle, which consequently damages the base of the growing hair by cutting off the blood and nutrient supplies to that specific hair. The technique, when performed correctly, has a very high success rate and does not damage any of the surrounding tissues.

Here at Be Exquisite, we offer ‘The Blend Method Electrolysis’, which is a combination of the galvanic and diathermy procedures. This two-treatment approach reduces pain for the client, but is far more effective in terms of hair removal.

Prefer waxing?

Why not book in for Lycon Waxing and have smooth, hair free skin in no time?

“For many years I have suffered from excess hair growth under my chin and on my neck. I tried most treatments available both at home and in the salon but none gave lasting results. A friend recommended Akila at Be Exquisite to me due to her professionalism and dedication at helping clients achieve their individual requirements. She discussed the electrolysis process with me at an initial meeting and guided me through it step by step. Akila explained that I would need to dedicate myself to the process, which involved weekly treatments. The result, I am thrilled to say, has been a significant reduction in hair growth and the majority of my hair has been permanently removed. In addition, the quality of service Akila provides, goes way beyond what you pay for. She truly knows what she is talking about and develops kind, caring relationships with her clients. I totally recommend Akila to whoever wants permanent hair removal.”


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